Social Interview

Social interview stands out among other types of job interviews as it is done after the initial interview either over meal such as breakfast and lunch or over a drink. It shows whether you are a professionally trained and educated person

When you are in a restaurant setting, do bear in mind that you are there for an interview not for the food, hence order food and drink you can handle without distracting the conversation.

You should be appropriately dressed just like attending a normal interview. If you are early, wait for your hosts to arrive before being seat. After being seated you may either placed the napkin on your lap or allow a waiter to assist you with the napkin and later express thanks to him.

Next observe what the hosts ordered for drink, meal and dessert. You should always order non alcoholic drink regardless of what the host orders. And order simple meal which you can handle with ease and focus on the conversation. If they don’t order dessert and coffee, you should also not order any. You would not want your hosts to wait for you while you finish your dessert and coffee. If it an upscale restaurant and there are extensive silverware, do start with cutlery from the outside and work your way in. Salad fork will be on the far left, entrée fork next to it, dessert spoon and fork will be above your plate with water glass on your right and bread plate on your left. Keep your elbows off the table. When you have finished your meal, put your fork and knife at the four o’clock position on the plate. It is customary for the host to pick up the tab, hence you need not offer to pay.

Do remember to push in your chair after leaving the table. Say goodbye to your host and thank them for the meal. Keep this last conversation short and sweet.

The ultimate aim of the social interview is to let the hosts have a positive impression of you and this can only be achieved by you constantly displaced good manner and etiquette during session.

Stress Interview

As the term implies, you will be subjected to activities that cause you to feel stressful. The interviewers might use some of the following methods to achieve that effect.

1) Make you wait for a long time before conducting the interview.

2) Ask many questions one after another without allowing you time to response during the interview.

3) Pretend to be bored or uninterested during the interview.

4) React critically to your replies to questions posted.

5) Use aggressive body language e.g. finger tapping the table constantly.

Throughout the whole process, you should remain calm and polite. Do not take it personally and react emotionally. You should not fall into their trap and lose your cool. It helps if you can recognize it is a stress interview from the onset and focus on staying calm and objective during the process.

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