Interview methods every job seeker must be aware of

Employers are interested in your professional resume and invite you to an interview. Interviewers or hiring managers are aware that they might not be able to find a 100% fit for the vacancy; however they would definitely avoid hiring a wrong fit. Throughout your interview, you should sell yourself appropriately and avoid giving them doubt about hiring you. Most hiring managers are looking for candidates who are high energy, have a positive attitude, team players, have high integrity and can fit into their company culture. Read on to have a better idea of the various types of interviews.

Let’s examine 5 types of job interviews

1) One-to-one interview

2) Panel interview

3) Group interview

One-to-One Interview

As the name one-to-one interview applied there is only one interviewer – either your future direct superior or an HR personnel doing a 1st round of screening.

Show good manners by waiting for the interviewer to invite you to be seated. Do greet the interviewer and thank him/her for inviting you for the session.

It is acceptable to take note during the job interview and it also impresses upon the interviewer that you are taking the interview seriously.

Offer to shake his/her hand at the end and say goodbye and that you look forward to hearing from them.

Panel Interview

Among various types of job interviews, panel interview seems to be widely used by big corporations and public sector. There would be two or more interviewers. The good manner idea shared in One to One interview applied here too. Normally during such an interview, the panel would consist of the hiring superior, his/her head of the department, and an HR representative. Should there be more than one department hiring, the number of interviewers would increase as well. Do not be intimidated by the sheer number of interviewers. Greet all of them at the start of the interview. And make eye contact with all them constantly through the interview.

Group Interview

The group interview is one of the most energy draining types of job interviews.

It has two or more interviewers who would facilitate the session either in an indoor or outdoor environment for a group of candidates.

For in-door, the activities would be more paper and pen based like a case study or group discussion and debating.

While outdoor, the activities would be more physically demanding where candidates are divided into groups to challenge one and other in either sports or group games.

Sometimes, it can be a combination of both indoor and outdoor on the same day or on separate days. If you are participating in such an interview, display team spirit coupled with leadership at the appropriate time, above all good judgment and sportsmanship.

The whole purpose of screening many candidates through such elaborate session is to enable interviewers to discover the handful of best candidates among the group in the realistic setting.