How to Write an Argumentative Essay – Editing

In the previous videos we’ve considered planning paragraphs introduction and conclusion and counter paragraph.

We’re going to learn how to edit an argumentative essay this is really important yes editing is a vital part of writing any essay we need to look at the SI once finished and double-check any weaknesses in content language grammar and task achievement.

So how can you remember what to check try revert topic start from the bottom and work your way up check the content first content organization vocabulary accuracy hedging check that your essay has all the key content elements it’s important to make sure that your thesis statement and topic sentences link and answer the question conjunctions organize your ideas and link your paragraphs together.

This will get you marks with good organization and cohesion they also steer your reader through your argument like signposts remember that and but so and because go in the middle of sentences not at the start make sure you always indent the first sentence of a paragraph to make it clear that you are writing about a new idea using a variety of vocabulary is important too if you keep using the same words it is unlikely to be interesting to read an examiner will most likely conclude that you have a poor vocabulary range and mark you down.

It’s always a good idea to check your grammar thoroughly for accuracy make sure you include the basics like spelling and punctuation and don’t use short forms such as I’d can’t and I’ve in formal writing in an exam situation you will be marked on accuracy and your use of simple or complex grammatical structures you will be awarded higher marks if you try using the following conditionals relative clauses the passive voice and noun phrases even if you don’t use them perfectly try as they sound more interesting to the reader check you’ve not made any sweeping statements if we always state something with 100% confidence.

It’s often weakens our argument if you’re not sure of a fact an outcome or point of view of a group of people than say so you can do this in two ways by using maybe probably likely or sometimes or by using modal verbs such as could might and may they make your content and argument stronger because your points will sound more realistic have a look at these examples from the text now your essay is edited and ready for submission.

Don’t forget to check it thoroughly using reverse havoc remember the basics such as spelling punctuation and word count too in this series we have looked at how to plan your essay write a paragraph write an introduction and conclusion write a counter paragraph and edit your essay remember that nothing is perfect but this is a good formula for a very good piece of argumentative writing that concludes our tips on how to write an argumentative essay good luck for more advice visitors are learning brush teens and for more information on our courses visitors at the website.