Guide to Making Money by Selling Your Old Textbooks

In order to sell your old textbooks, you need to target the right people looking for such books. Many people have old textbooks, which they would not be using. One of the best ways to sell your older books is by listing them on the Internet. Most of the people use Internet to sell their books, used apparels, and other devices these days. There’s simply no shortage of online stores that facilitates such sales, and you can pretty well make use of them to clear out your old books, and DVDs to generate some extra cash.

Many of the old text book sellers do the same mistake undervaluing their books to get rid of them fast!

So, sellers also should keep in mind that books should be maintained properly to get good value after a year or two. Old text book sellers should also know the guidelines and tips to sell the book at the right price as well as at the right time. So, we’ve listed out the basic in this post:

Sourcing Used Books

You can find used books at flea markets, charity shops, consignment stores or online auctions. One can even approach friends and family to find used books at dirt cheap prices. When you purchase used books, remember not to overpay. If you find that the used book is valuable, use US $1.00 as ceiling price.

Keep in mind that you might have to offer free shipping depending upon your competitors, so ensure that you keep a good margin after accounting for the shipping costs.

Maintain Your Books in Top Condition

If you want to succeed in selling your books online, you need to sell books that are in pretty good condition. You can get premium price for your book, when they look new.

Even if a book was published 30 years before, you should just have an ISBN number or the equivalent registration number assigned. If your book is listed on eBay, then you simply need to type ISBN number to obtain item description, and know everything about the book.


In a nutshell, make sure that you take appealing photos of the textbook, list out the benefits and design, and attract as many buyers as you can. You need to sell books in good condition to generate high profits.